Assess and understand your risk for disease so you can find ways to prevent them.

Preventive care should be an important part of everyone’s life. After all, if you want to stay healthy you will certainly want to visit your doctor at least once a year for preventive screenings and care. From diabetes screenings to STI testing, our team of pediatricians, internists and specialists here in Woodridge, Lombard, and Lemont, IL, can provide you with a wide range of preventive screening tools to assess your risk. Common preventive screenings we offer include,

Diabetes Screening

Over 34 million people have diabetes, which equates to about 10.5 percent of the US population. Diabetes causes high glucose levels in the blood, which can damage nerves and blood vessels. Those with diabetes are more at risk for developing other serious and potentially life-threatening health problems including kidney disease, heart disease, blindness, stroke or neuropathy.

Screening for diabetes requires standard blood testing to measure the level of glucose within the blood. These usually require four different blood tests.

Who should be screened?

Anyone with a family history of diabetes should consider getting regular screenings. Your doctor may also recommend screening if,

  • You are overweight or obese
  • Have prediabetes
  • Lead an inactive lifestyle
  • You maintain a poor diet

Along with diabetes screening, our team also offers medication management and counseling for those with diabetes, as well as additional screenings for retinopathy and neuropathy (two serious conditions that diabetic are more at risk for developing)

STD Screening

Even if you aren’t experiencing symptoms, if you are sexually active it’s a good idea to come in at least once a year to know your health status. This is especially important since STDs often have no symptoms. Screenings usually involve a simple blood test, urine test, physical examination and a cheek swab. These tests are quick and painless. If you are experiencing any symptoms it’s important that you share these symptoms with your doctor.

Who should be screened?

Anyone who is sexually active should get screened regularly. Wondering which STD tests to get? The CDC provides a helpful overview of which tests to get based on your age group.
If you are looking to get a preventive screening or you want a doctor that can provide you with routine screenings and exams each and every year so you know where you stand then call Woodridge Clinic. With offices in Woodridge, Lombard and Lemont, IL, it’s easy to schedule an appointment by calling (630) 910-1177.