What your doctors in Woodridge, Lemont, or Lombard want you to know

Drug testing can often be a necessity if you are applying for a job or you already work for a company that requires drug testing. You may need to be screened for both prescription pain medications (opioids) and street drugs. Your doctors at Woodridge Clinic in Woodridge, Lemont, or Lombard, IL, want to share the facts about drug testing.

There are many reasons you may need drug testing. These are just a few of the common scenarios you may find yourself in, and need a drug test:

  • If you are applying for a job; many companies require pre-employment drug screening as part of a drug-free workplace initiative. Drug testing may result in fewer sick days used, and decrease employee injuries and accidents.
  • Random drug testing required by your employer or profession; many companies do random drug testing especially for professions that require the use of dangerous equipment. Random drug testing helps lessen the chance of an accident or injury while on the job.
  • OSHA drug testing; the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) may request drug testing if an employee has been exposed to harmful chemicals in the workplace.
  • Reasonable suspicion drug testing; your employer may require drug testing if you have tested positive on a previous drug test, or if you have had a drug-related accident in the past.

The Woodridge Clinic offers a full range of drug testing methods to ensure accurate, timely results. Common methods include:

  • Alcohol and opiate testing
  • Synthetic drug and steroid testing

If your prospective or current employer requests drug testing, don’t be nervous. Instead, think of Woodridge Clinic, with three convenient locations to serve your needs. Schedule an appointment at the Woodridge Clinic in Woodridge, Lemont, or Lombard, IL. Your job may depend on timely, accurate drug testing, so call today to find out more!