There are many reasons why drug testing is performed. Employers routinely require drug testing when hiring new employees. Many athletic associations also require drug testing of athletes to ensure performance-enhancing drugs aren’t being used. Drug testing can also be used to determine if someone has been contaminated by a harmful substance on the job.

Whatever the reason for having a drug test, it can be an intimidating experience for many people. It can also be challenging for employers to determine how to implement drug testing. However, arranging to test and getting tested doesn’t have to be difficult. In Woodridge, Lombard and Lemont, IL drug testing is performed at the Woodridge Clinic through a variety of convenient screening methods, such as urine or hair testing, that are easy to perform.

Drug Testing at Woodridge, Lombard and Lemont, IL

At our clinics, drug testing services can be performed for employers as part of pre-employment screening or random testing of existing employees. Many employers utilize pre-employment drug testing services, but neglect to implement random testing of existing employees. However, random testing is an effective method for deterring drug use among employees since they never know when they might be asked to take a drug test. Drug testing can also be used when an employer has reason to believe someone is intoxicated on the job.

In addition to protecting employers from potential problems, drug testing can also be used to protect employees. Drug testing can make the workplace safer by keeping out individuals who utilize illicit substances. Drug testing can also be used to check for exposure to harmful chemicals on the job. Employees at risk of exposure to such substances should be tested regularly so that, if exposure occurs, they can be treated immediately. This type of drug testing is ideal for companies that need to comply with OSHA regulations.

There are several types of drug screening methods available. Many tests are as simple as gathering urine, hair or oral fluid samples and checking them for illicit or controlled substances. Drug screening tests can be done to check for alcohol, steroids, synthetic drugs or opiates.

Whether you are an employment candidate or an existing employee who needs a drug test or someone who represents a company that would like to implement employee drug testing, the Woodridge Clinic can help. For drug testing in Woodridge, Lombard and Lemont, IL, contact the Woodridge Clinic.